donderdag 15 maart 2012

Making plans

for Janus his tank. Just a little playing around with a marker. MAN! Making plans makes a man thirsty. But we came up with a pretty kool design, although it will take a while before I start the paintjob first Janus have to spend some more time building to see the actual shape of the bike. Can't wait to be honest!

woensdag 14 maart 2012

For sale






zaterdag 10 maart 2012

A goooood day......... the shop today! Been welding on Janus his tank, a new tunnel a new filling neck a new tube plug and a start for a finned shape. This is gonna be a sweet tank, I feel it in my bones! On Post his tank I also welded a tube plug and made a start filling the welds again. And last but not least I sprayed Floris Velthuis his tins in 3 layers of spray filler/primer. A goooood day!

vrijdag 9 maart 2012

Long time no stripin

Factory stripin time again. CPV parts asked me to do some more license plate sidemounts.
The previous one's are sold also because of the advertising in bigtwin mag.

Beer girl


dinsdag 6 maart 2012


Finished up a few projects. Peters helmet the humidor and the skinny tank.
Skinny tank is still for sale if someone is interested.