dinsdag 30 oktober 2012

Bigtwin show

I will be present at the bigtwin bike expo with a booth. And all helmets brought to the show will be pinstriped for the price of €65,- instead of the normally €85,- That's only pinstriping and all helmets brought to the show will be striped for this special price!
So see you all there!!!

vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

Beer girl

Enjoy your weekend as if it's your last, see you at the bigtwin and motorama jalopy show!!!

woensdag 24 oktober 2012

Show material

Working on new show material (soon for sale of course), here a sneak peak!

zondag 21 oktober 2012

Beer girl

Cause of the busy time I forgot about friday beer girl. So here a little late beer girl shot this saturday night! And yes we had fun!

woensdag 10 oktober 2012


......fucking flies when your having fun!
Finished Tony's bike a few weeks ago but now he asked me to do an extra fender for the bike in of ofcourse the same design. Working on Alain's tank (sorry for waiting) and a couple of tanks and helmets for the upcomming
Shows! Busy busy but still going strong!

vrijdag 5 oktober 2012

Beer girl

A busy weekend ahead! So no beers for me :-( Enjoy your weekend! (thanx for the photo Nito)